Heavy Truck Traffic & Emergencies

Heavy Truck & Oversize Load Traffic: Production traffic is continuous, competing with school buses & local emergency vehicles.

Road Damage: n Pensylvania, the DEP estimates that one horizontal Marcellus well requires 1,000 truck trips during drilling and fracking. Who will pay for roads & bridge damage: local taxes?

All gas development creates traffic in rural areas. The large scale of development planned for the Marcellus, and the fact that it must be fracked, translates to dramatic increases in traffic compared to that generated by drilling conventional wells. One well service company, Gas Field Specialists, uses tanker trucks that can carry 5,460 gallons of fluid.

If one well requires 2 million gallons of water for one fracking, thats 366 tanker trucks hauling fresh water and 183 tanker trucks hauling waste water, for a total of 549 tanker truck trips per well, per fracking. For the average fracking, which may take 3.5 million gallons, that is 960 tanker truck trips..

Gas Fire PHOTO

Emergency Response Costs: Accidents will happen- chemical fires, explosions, spills, & traffic accidents will increase emergency response needs & costs. Again- Who pays?

The Pennsylvania Natural Gas Industry Wall of Shame below via

Environmental Dangers of Hydro-Fracturing the Marcellus Shale
by Robert Myers (Lock Haven University)

* In February 2009 Cabot spilled 100 gallons of diesel fuel at Dimock, PA (WGNB News, "100 Gallons of Diesel Fuel Spilled" [2/6/09]).

* In May 2009, the Pennsylvania DEP ordered Range Resources and Chief Oil & Gas to suspend operations at two sites in Lycoming County for violating PA's Clean Stream Law. The companies were withdrawing water from Hoagland Run and First Fork Larrys Creek without having obtained the required permits (DEP "DEP Orders Partial Shutdown" [5/30/09]).

* In June 2009 a leaking waste water pipe from a Range Resources gas well polluted a tributary of Cross Creek Lake in Washington Country, PA. The spill killed fish, salamanders, crayfish, and aquatic insects (Pittsburgh Post Gazette "Waste from Marcellus" [6/05/09]).

* On September 16, 2009 Cabot Oil & Gas spilled up to 8,400 gallons of fracking lubricant into Stevens Creek and a nearby wetland near Dimock, PA. Cabot representatives were unable to identify the chemical composition of the liquid. This is Cabot's third chemical spill in the Dimock area since the spring of 2008. (Ithaca Journal "State Probes Spill" [9/17/09]).

* On January 20, 2010 the Pennsylvania DEP fined M.R. Dirt $6000 for spilling 7 tons of "gaswell drilling wastewater sludge" in Avis, PA. The dump truck driver drove away even though he saw the spill (DEP "DEP Fines M.R. Dirt" [1/20/10]).

* On February 1, 2010 the Pennsylvania DEP fined Fortuna Energy $3500 for various infractions at a Bradford County site, including the discharge of fracking fluid into a tributary of Sugar Creek (DEP, "DEP Fines Fortuna" [2/1/10]).

* On March 15, 2010, a foamy substance, was detected running into Pine Creek, near Waterville. The DEP has determined that the substance was Airfoam HD, a chemical used in the drilling process. The substance came from a drilling site run by Pennsylvania General Energy (LH Express, "Heavy Rains" [3/18/10]).

* On March 20th, 2010, a truck hauling water for a hydro-fracturing operation slammed into the back of a car near Mansfield, killing Mildred Barnhard, a 74-year-old Lock Haven woman (LH Express, "LH Woman" [3/22/10]).

* On March 26th, 2010, Andarko Petroleum spilled 8,000 to 12,000 gallons of synthetic-based
mud at a drilling site in Clinton County (LH Express, "Drilling Mud" [4/9/10]).

* On April 16, 2010, the Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation revoked Chesapeake Energy's road use permit for Route 1007 in Bradford County. Chesapeake failed to respond to two notices of unsafe conditions and thus violated their agreement to proactively monitor conditions and repair the road when needed. In March, PennDOT revoked their permit for Route 1001 for the same reasons (LH Express, "PennDOT Revokes" [4/16/10]

* On April 23, 2010, The Pennsylvania DEP fined Stallion Oilfield Services of Canondale, PA $6,500 for operating an illegal fracking water transfer station. Inspectors found a 450 square foot area where fracking water had spilled onto the ground (DEP, "DEP Fines Stallion" [4/23/10]).

* On May 13, 2010, PA DEP fined Rex Energy of State College, PA $45,000 for various
environmental violations at its Clearfield County site (DEP, "DEP Fines Rex" [5/13/10]).

* On May 14, 1010, PA DEP fined Range Resources $141,175 for spilling 250 barrels of fracking fluid into a high-quality waterway in Washington Country. Range failed to report the spill immediately (DEP, "DEP Penalizes Range" [5/14/10]).


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