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Topic: the Atlantic Sunrise & PennEast Pipelines threatening EMINENT DOMAIN.

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Environmental & Watchdog Groups ....(click the titles to visit their sites)

The emergence of gas drilling in PA (and throughout the Marcellus) has raised issues and alarms among the environmental community.  There are hundreds of long-established environmental organizations, new ones that have sprouted to address rapidexpansion of gas drilling and individuals using the power of the web to tell their stories.

" ProPublica
Independent, non-profit that does investigative journalism in the public interest. Has done numerous, well-researched reports on fracking. They target multiple issues & have a section focused on gas drilling called: Buried Secrets: Gas Drillings Environmental Threat

The old Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, is now known as Earthjustice, whose lawyers handle hundreds of cases every year, many of which are argued at the Court of Appeals.

" Pennsylvania Energy Impacts Assessment
The Nature Conservancy site shows maps of projections for how much energy might be developed in Pennsylvania during the next 20 years & where that development is more and less likely to occur.

" Responsible Drilling Alliance
RDA is a grassroots, all-volunteer group of dedicated citizens who have formed an alliance and welcome members with the widest possible concerns, interests and ideologies. An education and advocacy coalition, they educate the public about deep shale gas drilling ramifications.

" Marcellus Shale Protest
An information clearing house about Marcellus Shale gas drilling activism & related issues. Although this website's primary geographic focus is Western Pennsylvania, it also includes content about the fives states in which the Marcellus Shale is located - & US Shale gas formations

" PennEnvironment
PennEnvironment is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Their professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas & tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests & win real results for Pennsylvania's environment.

" PA DEP Oil & Gas Reporting Website
This site allows users to view historical oil and gas well production information from conventional shallow wells and newer Marcellus wells, as well as data on the waste each operation produces. Search for information by well permit number, by operator ID, by county or for the entire state. The site also allows you to generate and download raw data easily for further analysis.

" EARTHWORKS -Oil & Gas Accountability Project
OGAP is a resource for citizens and communities that are dealing with oil and gas development.  OGAP's multi-tiered approach involves people who are directly affected by the impacts of oil and gas development in working for strong reforms and better industry practices

" Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC)
Seeks collaborative solutions among the private sector, government, communities and individuals to protect and restore the environment

" The Endocrine Disruption Exchange
Focused on the human impact of chemicals found in natural gas operations across the U.S.

" Drilling has Consequences
Addresses severance tax to help pay for the impacts of natural gas drilling on Pennsylvania

" Environmental Working Group
Good analytical work across many environmental issues

" Clean Water Action
Provides many avenues to communicate with local, state and federal officials to enact legislation that protects water resources

Photos, photos, photos. Identifies nearly every company big and small, driller and service provider at work in the Marcellus play

" No Frack Mountain
Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition (of Luzernce County PA) blog page by Herb Baldwin

" The Marcellus Effect
Current Topics in the News

" Splash Down PA
Very informative. Lots of good links. Weak on organization of material

" Anderson Cooper CNN Blog
Anderson Cooper of AC 360 personal blog page

" EnviroPolitics
Environmental & political news, issues and opinion in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware.

" Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog
By the staff of one of the nations most effective environmental group.

" PA Gas Watch, Tioga County
Another good blog. Similar commentary to Splash Down above

Good aggregator of news and information. More NY State focused

" Shaleshock Action Alliance
Another good one

" Environmental Dangers of Hydro-Fracturing the Marcellus Shale (by Robert Myers))
Sorting through conflicting claims to objectively present the facts on the effects of hydro-fracturing.

" Damascus Citizens for Sustainability
Extremely active grassroots organization. Website is dated.

" Susquehanna County Gas Forum

Great on-the-ground, local content. Strongly opinionated. Requires sign-in.

" FracTracker
Collects and presents personal stories of those impacted by gas drilling. Offers a unique angle by using a variety of data to help users visualize everything from drilling activity to DEP violations

" North Branch Land Trust
Using conservation easements, land trusts protect property, plants, fish, wildlife, open spaces, etc. in perpetuity. A landowner that has leased gas rights is typically unable to also create a conservation easement on their property. NBLT is working with landowners and gas drillers to find solutions that may protect property from surface disturbances while also realizing economic benefits of gas drilling.

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