The Negative Industrial Impact to
Residential & Agriculturial Communities

Gas wells can be drilled right next to homes, hospitals, churches, & even reservoirs. Where dangerous drilling takes place, homeowners flee & real estate markets crash, harming construction & service industries. Drillers bring areas the costs of higher crime rates including drug use & prostitution. Rent costs for local residents greatly increases by demand from temporary out of town workers. Tourism decreases along with wildlife for hunting & fishing. Leased PA Forrest Land & PA Parks will be DEVASTATED.

Drilling Devastation in PA Allegheny National Forrest

North East PA's Qualities of Life at Risk

Gas Drilling will transform our farmland & home neighborhoods into industrial areas with water/air pollution, emergency hazards, & heavy road traffic. Drillers plan wells of 3-15 acres in size, in grids 25-30 acres apart- drill rigs, pipelines, storage tanks, compressors, open pits for toxic fluids, & the dangers of fires, explosions, & spills as in Clearfield PA & Canton, PA.

Industrial Gas Facilities & Truck Traffic, Dish, TX

Google Earth, Dish, TX- Gas Well Pads EVERYWHERE

HUGE Industrial Natural Gas Facility, Bradford, PA

Google Earth, Wyoming- Gas Well Pads in Tight Grids



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